Commercial Cleaning

Janitorial Service & COVID Disinfection

We keep your business clean and disinfected so your team can continue running smoothly!

Keeping your Office Surfaces COVID-Free.

Angst Cleaning Service

We Offer Commercial & Office Cleaning Services.

Our service will aid in reducing the risk of infection as well as the risk of cross contamination. A proactive cleaning service will greatly help in keeping your business running without downtime. We use EPA registered Hospital Grade disinfectants. Many of our customers have added our disinfecting service to their cleaning schedule to reduce the risks of Covid-19 , as well as other harmful viruses and bacteria.

Spotless results

We at Angst Cleaning Service provide commercial cleaning, janitorial services, and office cleaning to businesses of all sizes. From large corporations as well as manufacturing plants to attorney and dental offices we are available to take care of your business. We provide cleaning service throughout the Easton, Bethlehem, and Allentown areas of the Lehigh Valley as well as surrounding areas.

Professional COVID disinfection

We provide Coronavirus Cleaning and as well as a targeted maintenance disinfection service that will focus on sanitizing those high contact areas and areas of activity. In addition to our disinfecting and sanitizing hand wiping down service we also have available to use electrostatic sprayer which is the newest method in disinfectant application. This new method is highly effective as well as efficient in disinfection surfaces that are treated at your place of business. They positively charge the particles when released from the sprayer and completely envelop the surface which is being treated to provide complete coverage on all exposed areas.